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Tanzania's General Elections Matter

Free and fair general elections in Tanzania are important for the prosperity of the country and the region.

Tanzania is the seat of the East African Community and has been instrumental in reconciling political factions in Kenya, Rwanda and other African Countries. 

Launch of Preliminary Election observation report by Tanzania Elections Watch(TEW.)

Download the Preliminary Election Report

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Statement on Post-Election Violence and Abuse of the Criminal Justice System

The Panel notes with concern the continued detention of various leaders of political parties throughout Tanzania. Reports of the arrests of many leaders, reported mainly by opposition political parties in both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, point to a declining respect for civil liberties in Tanzania in contravention of national and international law.

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Statement by Tanzania Elections Watch Panel on Observations made during the Election Day in Tanzania

The Panel would like to take this opportunity to commend the willingness of the people of
Tanzania to take part in the electoral process which is a testament to their commitment to a participatory democracy as stipulated in Article 3 and 8 of the United Republic of Tanzania constitution. The Panel expressed concern about recent events and reports observed during the election day which dampen the credibility of the electoral process

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Pre-Election Statement by the Tanzania Elections Watch Panel ahead of the General Elections on 28 October 2020

The Panel is, however, deeply concerned over reports of escalating tension in Zanzibar on the eve of the polls. Reports of killings, brutality and harassment by state security forces in both Unguja and Pemba
underlie a worrying trend. There are legitimate concerns that the heavy police and army deployment across Zanzibar is intimidating residents and creating fear and despondency that could deter voters from turning out. We deplore the excessive force used by Police in responding to protesters by tear-gassing and other callous acts in Zanzibar.

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A letter to the Director General of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Calling for Non-Interference in the General Elections in the United Republic of Tanzania.

We appreciate the critical role of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) as an important stakeholder in the elections and urge the authority to exercise its mandate with maximum impartiality as a quasi-independent government regulator. We appreciate the critical role of the TCRA in enabling or limiting the free exchange of information during this crucial democratic moment and wish to implore you to adhere to international best standards for such regulations as enshrined in the African Commission’s Guidelines on Access to Information and Elections in Africa.

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Engage the Panel

The electoral process is a key pillar in advancing democracy. Engage the panel in observing and monitoring the electoral process in Tanzania. 


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